Why Cats Prefer Moving Water

Why Cats Prefer Moving Water

Why Cats Prefer Moving Water

Why Cats Prefer Moving Water

We’ve all seen a cat drinking from tap, and most of the time only drinking from a tap, so why do cats prefer moving water?

Let’s dive in and explore some of the reasons behind it, and then look at some of the solutions.

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Instinctual Behavior

Before cats were domesticated, they were wild animals.

They often get all the water they need from catching and killing prey.

However, to avoid death, cats learnt to drink from moving water sources.

Moving water sources are FRESHER, MORE OXYGENATED and TASTE BETTER.

Still water sources are more likely to be contaminated with DISEASE.

Behavioral Conditioning

When cats are first exposed to a moving water source, often in the form of a dripping tap, they soon form an association between fresh water and the tap.

This association then strengthens over time the more they are exposed to it, until they refuse to drink from any other source.

Paw Dipping/Splashing

You’ve probably seen your cat dipping their paw into a water source and then licking the water off of their paw.

There are many reasons why they do this:

The water bowl is too deep or too narrow – this irritates the cats’ sensitive whiskers.

Safety – cats like to be aware of what’s happening around them so that they avoid any potential ambushes, which is why they don’t like leaning down into a water bowl.

Eyesight – cats have great long-range vision, but poorer short-range vision, which means that they often cannot see where the water line is. Therefore, they will use their paw to measure where the surface of the water is.

Playtime – moving water is entertaining for cats

Why Cats Prefer Moving Water: Solutions

There are many ways that you can make sure your kitty is getting enough water:

A water fountain – these smart devices constantly circulate the water through carbon filters which keep it fresh, clean and oxygenated.

The sound of moving water – it’s easier for cats to detect moving water from their hearing and vision, than just their vision alone.

Multiple water bowls – supply more than one bowl of water for your cats and make sure to constantly clean and top them up.

Keep food, water and litter trays separate – this ensures that there is no bacterial contamination – also, cats have a strong sense of smell and might not want to smell their food while they are drinking.

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