Sustainable Cat Owner

Sustainable Cat Owner: A Few Ideas

Let’s talk about the topic of being a sustainable cat owner.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to understand our impact on the longevity of the planet.

This doesn’t mean we only talk about fossil fuels and melting ice glaciers, but also some of the smaller things that contribute to the bigger causes such as our carbon footprint, as well as our pets carbon footprint.

Below we offer you some stimulating ideas for how you can become more of a sustainable cat owner.

Environmentally Friendly Cat Litter

Cheap clumping cat litter is harmful for the environment.

These products are often made from toxic, unnatural, non-recyclable materials.

Not only are they unable to be recycled, but also the chemicals in the dust can cause respiratory issues in both cats and humans.

We recommend PrettyLitter as your go to cat litter.

Not only is it lighter, less dusty, and made from naturally occurring minerals, but it also detects illnesses in your cat.

What do you know, there are benefits for both you and your cat if you become a sustainable cat owner.

Neuter Your Cat

Each cat has a carbon-footprint on the earth.

In order to reduce this, an easy preventative method is to neuter your cat.

This saves from unwanted pregnancies and a litter of kittens that cannot be looked after.

Stray cats can be detrimental to the environment, not to mention that it’s incredibly upsetting.

Sustainable DIY Cat Food

A lot of the time you don’t know where your cat food is coming from.

So why not create it yourself?

You’ll be able to source sustainably angled fish that you can feed your kitty.

They’ll definitely love you for it, and you’ll feel great for being a sustainable cat owner!

Beware, if you do choose to go down the DIY cat food route make sure you do some research online for all the essential nutrients that your cat will need (e.g., taurine), and, more importantly, the things you shouldn’t feed them!

Natural or Upcycled Cat Furniture and Toys

Plastic toys? No thanks. That’s not sustainable.

Paper ball? Yes please! We can recycle that!

Look for toys made from materials such as cotton and hemp, or make them yourself.

If you can reuse materials you have lying around your house, great, that’s one step towards being a sustainable cat owner.

This means your cat will have fun and you’ll be upcycling unwanted products.

As for furniture, you’ll be able to find products made from natural wood, wool, hemp, cotton, and the rest of the like.

Check out our Designer Cat Furniture post for luxurious sustainable cat furniture ideas.

Sustainable Cat Owner Summary

Take these ideas as you will.

Even a small change in how you look after your cat can have a large positive impact on the world.

Make use of what you already have, you’d be surprised at what a cat will be happy with.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a sustainable cat owner.

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