Self-Cleaning Litter Trays

Cats are very clean and disciplined animals. However, it is easy to say that they haven’t the capacity of emptying their own litter tray. Despite this, the emerging technology of Self-Cleaning Litter Trays makes life simpler, both for you and your cat.

What is a Self-Cleaning Litter Tray?

A self-cleaning litter tray is a litter tray that independently sweeps up your cats waste so that you don’t have to. This is particularly convenient for busy cat owners and indoor cats. The most action you will take is removing the collected waste once or twice a week. This saves a considerable amount of time for pet owners. Furthermore, the self-cleaning function allows for improved hygiene for your cat.

What to consider when choosing a Self-Cleaning Litter Tray:

The cat technology market offers a variety of self-cleaning litter trays to choose from. Here are a few things to consider before your purchase:


Whilst some self-cleaning litter trays are compatible with normal clumping litter, others are not. Certain models require specific crystal litter to function. As well as this, some products require occasional replacements of carbon filters. This is to remove any fowl smells spreading through your household.

Number of cats:

Some of the litter trays are designed to function for the capacity of only one cat. However, there are some that can handle more than one cat. This is important to consider or else you will find your litter tray malfunctioning.

Connecting to mains:

Some self-cleaning litter trays function on their own, whilst others require connection to water and electricity mains. This will affect where you can place your litter tray.


Depending on your cat’s mobility, you will have to choose a suitably sized litter tray. If your cat is restrained from climbing or jumping with stability, it would be beneficial if you purchased a litter tray with a low front. However, if mobility is not a problem, then your options are more open.

With this information in mind, customers should continue reading to discover our reviews on the many options of self-cleaning litter trays.

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