Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera Review

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Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera

Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera Description

This particular pet camera has a unique story behind it.

It all began through a crowdfunded project.

This means that a large amount of people around the world donated to the company to produce enough capital so that they could start producing the camera.

This story tells you that there are thousands, if not millions, of people out there who think that pet cameras are a great idea.

So, what came of this crowdfund project?

First off, it’s called the Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera.

It provides you with all the basic features that a pet camera should.

With the Petzi, you can check in on your cat throughout the day.

As well as this, you can indulge your kitty with treats through the fantastic treat dispenser.

There is an easy-functioning app that allows you to take candid snapchats of your loved one that you can easily upload to social media.

Slightly different from other pet cameras, the audio on the Petzi is only one way.

You can talk to them, but you can’t hear what they are saying back.

This is a great option for you if you know your cat will be soothed by the sound of your voice.

Overall, the Petzi is a non-sophisticated, treat-dispensing camera that provides you with all the essentials and nothing more.

To find out more about what you could say is the ‘original’ pet camera, scroll down below where all the key features lie.

Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera Key Features

The Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera offers a range of impressive features:

  • 720p HD live streaming video quality
  • One-way audio
  • Treat dispenser
  • iOS and Android app
  • Capture candid photos of your cat
  • Synergises well with social media
  • Mounting options
  • The camera starts when you open the app (train your cat to come to the sound)

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Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera Summary

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use cat monitoring camera – this is a good place to start.

The Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera allows you to see, speak, snap and treat your cat while you are on the go.

This economic option provides you with the experience of staying connected with your cat.

Remember, once you’ve purchased the Petzi, don’t feed your kitty too many treats!

Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser Camera Review
4.2 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Appearance
  • Features
  • Value for Money


  • Treat dispenser to reward your cat
  • Snap and upload photos on social media
  • Easy to install and use


  • Only one-way audio
  • Cannot record videos
  • Static camera
  • Larger treat sizes may jam the dispenser

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