PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain Review

Scroll down below to find out more about our highest rated cat water fountain: The PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain.

PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain

PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain Description

You want the best, right?

Something that not only looks good but does a great job too.

Something that?s quiet and has intelligent features.

Something that you can completely rely on.

Introducing the PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain.

There is a reason this is our highest rated cat water fountain.

Where do we start?

First off, it has an elegant, minimalist design that looks very professional.

Secondly, it has a triple-filter purifying system.

Providing your cat with the purest most hydrating water.

The most impressive aspect of the PetKit EverSweet is its hi-tech dual mode settings.

These are:

Normal Mode: continuous water welling

Smart Mode: an energy-efficient setting ? this mode automatically adjusts the water welling frequency between day and night ? making it significantly quieter when you are getting your well-deserved rest.

Just when you thought it couldn?t get better, the PetKit EverSweet takes you by surprise.

This fountain detects when the water level has gone below the pre-set threshold.

It will then display a blue LED light to signal to you that it needs topping up.

We?re impressed.

Aren?t you?

This is the fountain that we take pride in recommending.

PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain Key Features

The PetKit Eversweet Pet Water Fountain offers a range of impressive features:

  • Hi-tech dual mode settings
  • Transparent inner container for filling water to the ideal amount
  • Engineered to be extremely quiet
  • Made from environmentally-friendly material
  • Utilises a 3-stage purifying process
  • Water-shortage alerts
  • 2-litre capacity
  • Automatically switches-off if water goes beneath an in-built low-level threshold to ensure the pumps condition is maintained

PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain Summary

Our highest rated water fountain.

Elegant, intelligent, and reliable.

The PetKit EverSweet provides only the purest water for your cat.

What are you waiting for?

It?s yours for the taking.

Join thousands of other satisfied customers.

You won’t be disappointed.

PetKit EverSweet Water Fountain Review
4.6 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Functionality
  • Capacity
  • Noise
  • Maintenance


  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to refill with translucent tank
  • Easy to clean
  • Hi-tech, intelligent features
  • Triple-filtration


  • Smart Mode can confuse dim-lit days with night-time
  • Filters need to be replaced frequently

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