CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box Review

Discover the toilet made for cats. Scroll down now to find out all about the CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box.

CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box

CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box Description

When you’re looking for a self-cleaning litter tray it can be tough.

On the one hand you have cheap, plastic looking litter trays.

On the other hand, you have what some would say are ridiculous looking dome-like litter boxes.

We understand.

It can be difficult to choose, but that’s why we are here to make it easy for you.

Why can’t cats just use the toilet like we do?

Things would be so much easier and there would be much less hassle.

But hold on…

What if we told you that there is a cat toilet out there?

What would you say if you found out that one of the litter boxes available to you is a fully automated toilet just for cats?

How would you react to knowing that this fully automated toilet doesn’t even use traditional litter?

Well, guess what?

It really does exist!

“Hooray!” you’re thinking… “I never have to deal with cat litter again!”

Try to contain your excitement.

Before you scroll down to find the purchase button, there is so much more you should know.

Introducing the CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box.

A real luxury item for both you and your cat.

You’re tired of scooping through the litter tray.

You can’t stand the foul smell wafting from the tray as your cat looks at you and grins.

You’ve had enough.

You’d much rather have a fantastic piece of technology deal with it all for you.

You’d much rather come home from work to a fresh-smelling house.

You’d much rather be able to relax for longer rather than spending your time doing the dirty work.

All of this can be achieved once you’ve purchased the CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box.

CatGenie connects to your watermains and acts just like a toilet.

Did you know that purchasing cat litter is awfully harmful to the environment AND yourself?

We know you’re big on keeping the environment clean and your health at optimal levels.

When you have cat litter in your house it produces germ filled dust particles.

Not only this, but the production of cat litter uses an incredible amount of energy that pollutes the earth.

By purchasing the CatGenie, you can take a small step forward that will have large, healthy impact on everyone.

Instead of cat litter, CatGenie uses washable granules that are dust free.

The cleverly automated litter box uses soap and water to clean out the litter box and granules each time it is used.

This will vastly improve your cat’s hygiene – no longer will they be scooping through their own waste.

And don’t worry, the soap is safe and provides thorough sanitation.

How Does the CatGenie Work?

  1. The GenieHand filters out the solid waste and subsequently liquefies it so that it can be safely removed.
  2. After this, fresh water from the connected mains pours into the basin, and the GenieHand begins to clean the granules. Next, biodegradable and cat-safe SaniSolution purifies the granules and basin of bacteria and odours.
  3. The liquefied waste and soapy water are then removed via a connection to the toilet or drain.
  4. Finally, the CatGenie expels hot-air over the granules and basin ready for the next time your cat needs to use it again.

Isn’t it marvellous?

If like us, you think your cat would enjoy some privacy when using their new sparkly toilet, there is an option to buy a GenieDome.

CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box Key Features

The CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box offers a range of impressive features:

  • Acts like a human toilet, but for cats
  • Reusable granules
  • Removes the need for cat litter
  • Uses biodegradable cat-safe cleaning products
  • Thoroughly cleans the litter box and granules
  • 30-minute cleaning cycle
  • Schedule cleaning cycles for convenience
  • Suitable for single or multi-cat household
  • Sizeable basin suited to all cat sizes
  • 2-year warranty

CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box Conclusion

We know you’re tired of foul smells, scooping through litter and worrying about poor hygiene.

That can all change.

You’ll become more environmentally friendly.

You’ll save money in the long term.

You and your cat will both become healthier.

Have you ever wanted to travel to the future?

Well, you can do so now.

The CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box is the future.

Join thousands of other satisfied customers and start your new life.

CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box Review
4.3 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Appearance
  • Ease of Use
  • Spaceous
  • Value for Money


  • Automated washing
  • Flushes waste through drains
  • Removes need to buy cat litter
  • Sanitary
  • Suitable for more than one cat
  • Customisable cleaning schedules


  • Complex installation (mains)
  • 30-minute cleaning cycle that is noisy
  • Need to top-up SaniSolution
  • Need to replace granules eventually (for efficiency)
  • Granules tracked by cat paws
  • Drying process can bake cat faeces

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