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Pretty Litter: Cat Litter That Can Save Your Cats’ Life

Pretty Litter is smart, efficient, completely different, and something we think you should try out!

Currently, there is over 90 million pet cats owned in the U.S. alone.

Almost all of their owners will have tried more than one type of cat litter, with some having tried too many to remember.

One might have been too dusty, the other might have been too expensive, and the one after that could have been a total waste of time.

We get it, it can be hard finding the right type of litter for your cat, but that’s why we’re here to tell you about Pretty Litter for cats – it could just be your new first choice!

The Story Behind Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is a mail-order cat litter business (monthly subscription) founded by a man named Daniel Rotman.

Having previously worked within the realms of politics and non-profit sectors, Rotman soon moved over to innovating the cat health sector when he had an idea inspired by a personal experience earlier on in his life.

At aged 25, Rotman’s cat, Gingi, had fallen ill around aged 10 and quickly declined out of his control (sobs).

He realised that at that time there were no devices around to constantly surveil Gingi’s health.

Cats are well-known to hide their illness, which is why Rotman decided it was time to create some sort of health-monitoring tool that was available to all.

You guessed it: Pretty Litter for Cats.

Pretty Litter CEO Daniel Rotman Cat Litter
Daniel Rotman CEO of PrettyLitter via PrettyLitter Youtube

What Can Pretty Litter Do for Me?

There are many perks that come along with switching from your regular clumping litter to Pretty Litter, let’s discuss some of them.

Firstly, Pretty Litter is simple and affordable.

One bag equates to one month’s worth of litter for one cat (two bags for two cats, three for three cats etc.)

If you choose to make the switch, you can choose between 6 different monthly subscription plans:

  • 1 cat, 1 bag ($22ppm)
  • 2 cats, 2 bags ($42ppm)
  • 3 or more cats, 4 bags for the price of 3 ($69ppm)
  • 6 cats, 6 bags ($102ppm)
  • 8 cats, 8 bags ($120ppm)
  • 10 cats, which we dub the “crazy cat lady option”, 10 bags ($150ppm)

Remember, these are monthly subscriptions, meaning that you will get this amount EVERY month.

Don’t think you can order 10 to save money per unit and stock up for the year, as you’ll get a further 10 next month!

However, you could pair up with some friends or neighbors if you were that interested in saving on an already affordable product.

Pretty Litter Cat Litter Website
Screenshot from PrettyLitter Website

Secondly, Pretty Litter controls odor like no other, leaving your house smelling better meaning you’ll no longer have to apologise to visitors about that “stinky cat smell.”

This is thanks to the unique crystals that absorb the moisture from the urine, trapping the moisture at source meaning that all you have to do is scoop out the poop and mix the litter ready for the next usage.

Thirdly, each bag of the smart and efficient litter weighs 80% lighter than your average dusty shelved clumping litter – but don’t worry too much about that as Pretty Litter gets delivered directly to your front door each month (no more slogging around heavy cat litter bags!)

Finally, we’ve saved the best feature till last, Pretty Litter monitors your cat’s health and detects early signs of illness. We’ll explain how this works below.

Pretty Litter Features and Benefits
PrettyLitter Features via PrettyLitter Website

How Does Pretty Litter Detect Early Signs of Illness?

As Rotman puts it “[Cats] are the most stoic creatures built to hide illness.”

Now, this doesn’t often work in our humans favor as we are often unaware of any suffering that is covert (out of sight).

However, things have changed ever since Pretty Litter hit the market.

Want to know their secret? It’s all in the crystals.

PrettyLitter’s color changing technology isn’t just pretty. It provides peace of mind and real-time tabs on your cat’s health. A minute or two after use, PrettyLitter will begin to change color.”

Pretty Litter

It’s important that you understand what this color change means so that you can accurately interpret the warning signs.”

Here we’ll list out the colors and what they indicate about your cat’s health:

  • Yellow or Olive– Healthy
  • Blue – High Alkalinity (urinary tract infections e.g., bladder crystals or stone formation)
  • Orange or Green – High Acidity (metabolic acidosis, kidney tubular acidosis or calcium oxalate)
  • Red – Blood in Urine (bladder inflammation, bladder stones or urinary tract infection – take to vet ASAP)

You will also find instructions about what the colors mean on the packaging of each bag.

PrettyLitter Packaging
PrettyLitter Packaging via PrettyLitter Website

To educate yourself further on the symptoms, and everything else, of the most common cat illnesses, take a look at our easy-to-read cat health guide.

Reasons to Support Pretty Litter:

We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should support this marvellous brand:

  1. Biodegradable, environmentally friendly litter
  2. No fragrance additives
  3. Less waste
  4. Donates litter to numerous animal shelters
  5. Saves you from potential hefty veterinary bills
  6. Saves your cat from illness
  7. Free shipping!

** SAVE 10% off your FIRST ORDER by following this LINK and using the code “AFF10” **

Rotman, and us as well, are telling you this is not a substitute for veterinary care but should instead be used as a health monitor that will alert you of potential early illness symptoms.

PrettyLitter Benefits via PrettyLitter YouTube

For those of you interested in more awesome products for cats, you can check out our recent blog post Technology for Cats: The Present and Future where you’ll learn about all the amazing tech out there and what’s to come in the future – exciting times!

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