Peace Island Cat Video Game

Peace Island: The Ultimate Video Game for Cat Lovers

There’s a new video game on the horizon made ultimately for cat lovers: “Peace Island.

Excitement is spreading like a wildfire around the cat community as everyone waits with anticipation for the release of the new open-world, story-driven adventure game that allows you to play as a cat.

Yes, you read that right, the game allows you to play from the perspective of any 1 of the 9 cats involved in the stimulating storyline.

Talking about the storyline, what’s this game all about?

Let’s start from the beginning.

Peace Island Cat Video Game Characters
Peace Island Cat Video Game Character Illustrations

The Tale of How Peace Island Began

The genius behind the Peace Island game is Eric Blumrich, who cites that he and his friend Laura Mackey were the first two to bring his idea to life.

The open-adventure game is inspired by the Maine Islands, where Erich currently resides, and to the cat’s that he’s been “lucky enough” to share his life with (awh!)

Eric started up a Kickstarter Funding Project to raise funds to get his idea off the ground.

At present, 29th July 2019, the Kickstarter Funding Page has eagerly surpassed his initial goal of $7,000 by almost double ($13,098)!

Because the game has gained tremendous traction and has been heavily accepted by the public, the project team has since expanded to a total of 6 members – which supports their promise that “a great game is coming.”

Not only that, but since the game has received worldwide attention, Eric has stated on one of his updates on Kickstarter that the support and responsiveness he is receiving was totally unexpected, especially the fact that Amazon and Xbox have contacted him wanting a “piece of the project!

Peace Island Cat Video Game Kickstarter
Erich Blumrich’s Peace Island Kickstarter page with 345 backers pledging $13,098

The Storyline of the Game

The story – a mix of science fiction, alternative history, and mystery – unfolds from the perspective of the nine cats who call the island home, when they wake up to find their human companions gone.

Peace Island will be (as the name might imply,) a non-violent interactive story which will focus on discovery, atmosphere, and exploration, rather than combat.  The player will have the opportunity to experience multiple divergent storylines, as they approach the ultimate decision:

Are the humans worth bringing back?

Incredible, right? And what a better question to ask when playing a game all about the lives of cats! While they may often seem like they want us gone, will they regret their evil thoughts when it all becomes a reality? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The game unveils crafty graphics, plenty of quests and endless entertainment.

Players will be able to explore the vast map made up of four distinct communities, discover clues and artefacts left behind by the humans, cooperate with other furry and non-furry animals on the island, and much, much more.

Peace Island map inspired by the Islands of Maine

When Is Peace Island Released?

Eric recently told his Kickstarter community in early July that the project requires at-least 3 more months of development.

This means that the game should be released sometime in October.

But remember, this will only be the ‘beta’ version of the game – not its full release.

If you’re thinking the same as us, we’d much rather wait for a perfect game than get angry that it’s still not available!

Anyhow, when its time comes, Peace Island will be released on PC, Mac and Oculus VR system – something for everyone… but the last one definitely sounds coolest!

Let us know what your thoughts are on the game – will you be purchasing?

If you’re interested in seeing footage of the game, check out this YouTube video that Eric posted back in June 2018:

Remember, the game has come a long way since then, as we are now more than 1 year on, so don’t be so quick to judge the graphics!

For those of you interested in more information surroundings cats and technology, check out our recent post about Technology for Cats for all the information you need on the present and future state of cat technology.

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