The Two Most LUXURIOUS Cat Litter Boxes of 2019

Luxurious Cat Litter Box

It’s time for you to find out about what the most luxurious cat litter box can do for you.

Weíre going to reveal the best self-cleaning, stress-free devices that you can purchase today.

Youíre tired of scooping through dirty cat litter.

You donít want to have to deal with it anymore.

Itís boring.

Itís smelly.

Itís a waste of your precious time.

You know that itís time for an upgrade, and where here to tell you about your two best options.

Letís get right into it!

Number 1: Litter Robot 3 Open Air – The Best Fully Automated Cat Litter Box

The Litter Robot 3 is the smartest, most luxurious, fully automated cat litter box.

There really isnít anything that comes close to what this litter box can do for you.

This reliable device takes all your stress and worries away.

It cleans itself after each time your cat, or cats, use it.

It provides enough room and cover for your cat to feel comfortable.

It gets rid of all smelly odours.

The most amazing and unique feature of them all is that it connects to your phone.

On the app you can customize all settings without even having to move.

Youíll receive notifications about when it needs emptying, and youíll be able to see how often your cat uses it.

The Litter Robot 3 is future.

Maybe thatís why it looks like an alien space pod!

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Number 2: CatGenie – The Best Self Washing Cat Litter Box

The CatGenie is another clever, top of the range cat litter box.

Its unique features set itself apart from all other litter boxes.

This isnít really a cat litter box as much as it is a cat toilet.

Yes, you read it right, a cat toilet!

This self-cleaning cat litter box flushes and operates just like a toilet.

For that reason, you have to connect it to your water mains, so be aware!

One of its best features is how environmentally friendly it is.

This cat litter box doesnít use conventional cat litter.

Instead, it uses biodegradable granules that act like cat litter but can be reused.

After each use, the CatGenie starts its self-washing process by flushing the waste away and then cleaning the granules afterwards ready for the next use.

Really cool, right?

We think so too.

This is another great choice for a top of the range, luxurious cat litter box.

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CatGenie Self Washing Litter Box

So, whatíre you waiting for?

Youíve just learnt about the two most futuristic, most luxurious, cat litter boxes that are available to you today.

Itís time to find out what technology can do for you.

Let us know how you get on with whichever one you decide to purchase.

Weíd love to hear your success stories!

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