GPS Cat Trackers

GPS Cat Trackers inform you on your cats every move, from morning through to night, meaning you can unravel the mysteries of where your cat goes and what they get up to.

What is a GPS Cat Tracker?

GPS Cat Trackers are an upgrade from radio trackers in that they are the latest technology that allow you to track your cat’s location in real time. The mechanisms behind the ability to see exactly where your cat is is similar to that of a mobile phone. This means that they use cellular data and are reliant on cellular towers. Therefore, it is common that some cat trackers require a SIM card, or something similar, and thus a monthly subscription service also.

As with all products, there is a large range of GPS Cat Trackers to choose from. However, don’t let that bother you. We are here to help you choose which cat tracker is right for your cat.

How to choose the right GPS Cat Tracker:

Each cat tracker has different defining features. Some are more complex than others. For example, some cat trackers come with an integrative phone app that alerts you when your cat has strayed further than your pre-set radius (geo-fence). As well as this, there is a range of sizes to choose from. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right one for your cat, or else you could compromise their mobility. Continue reading below to discover the distinct types of cat tracker products.

Continue reading below to discover the distinct types of cat tracker products available to you.

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