Top 10 Gadgets for Cats

Discover The Top 10 Gobsmacking Gadgets for Cats 2019

Itís 2019, and if youíre not aware of all the cool gadgets for cats out there where have you been?!

Whether itís for entertainment, convenience or safety, there are plenty of gadgets for cats waiting for you.

The world is becoming increasingly connected, which means that the bonding time between you and your cat doesnít have to end as soon as you walk out of the door, nor does your ability to keep track of their wellbeing have to end either.

Letís take a look at 10 super-cool gadgets for cats on the market in 2019.

Mookkie AI Powered Pet Bowl

Mookkie AI Face Recognition Technology
Mookkie AI Face Recognition Technology

Mookkie is a cutting-edge product in the cat-tech industry.

Having recently been awarded the CES 2019 Innovation Award for Smart Home Innovation, things can only go upwards for the brand.

Mookkie uses artificial intelligence (AI) to visually recognize the pet assigned to the feeder.

In simple terms, the pet owner assigns their cat to the Mookkie pet bowl by scanning their face using the inbuilt camera, then, once the face has been registered, the device will only respond to that specific cat.

The purpose of this device is to stop ďfood thieves,Ē as Mookkie refers to them, from stealing the other catís food.

This allows the cat in question to receive the correct amount of food they need each day without having to go hungry.

Itís incredible what the technology available today makes possible for the development of smart gadgets for cats.

If that wasnít enough to impress you, youíll be fascinated when the device sends you notifications and short video clips directly to your mobile phone Ė cool!

Felik AI Gadget for Cats

Felik AI Pet Cat Companion Laser Game
Felik AI Pet Companion Product and App View

Felik is yet another first of its kind in the cat-tech industry.

Have you ever thought what itíd be like to leave the house knowing that your cat has a companion to entertain it?

Well look no further, Felik is the answer.

Felik is the worldís first AI-powered pet companion that keeps your cat entertained when youíre away from home.

This incredibly smart device uses modern AI technology to track your cat and react to their movements automatically, making it the best game of laser chase your cat will have ever had.

When it arrives, youíll have to install the camera in a convenient location, somewhere high up, set up a schedule for when you want it to entertain your cat, and then finally restrict zones where you donít want the laser to go.

After that you wonít have to do anything, the Felik device simply does it all.

Just sit back, tune into the vision of the camera and watch your cat have immense amounts of fun.

This is one of the most intelligent gadgets for cats weíve seen so far.

The Little Cat Exercise Wheel Gadget

The Little Cat Exercise Wheel and App Demonstration

Recently showcased at the CES 2019 Convention, The Little Cat has proven itself to have completely changed the game when it comes to cat exercise wheels.

This cat wheel is built with indoor cats in mind, with a theme of weight-loss and cat health monitoring.

The smart device connects to your phone to allow you to gain insight into your catís health.

Youíll be able to see: how far theyíve run (m), how many calories theyíve burnt (cal), and their weight progression (kg).

One of the cool features about the device is that you can entice your cat to run on the wheel by using LED lights that you control through the app on your phone.

There isnít anything like this out on the market so far, so weíre thoroughly impressed with this gadget.

Catspad Automatic Feeder and Fountain

Catspad Gadgets for Cats Automatic Cat Feeder and Fountain
Different Perspectives of the Catspad

What do you know? Catspad is another type of gadget for cats thatís also one of a kind.

While other brands offer both automatic pet feeders and automatic pet fountains, Catspad seamlessly integrates them both into an innovative 2-in-1 device.

The modern smart cat feeder and fountain has set its sight on improving our catís long-term health.

Catspad recognises each of your cats by reading the ID of the Catspad collar tags (provided).

You, the owner, simply schedule several small meals throughout the day, as recommended by vets, and then the rest is automated.

The app will track your catís eating and drinking behavior, allowing you to easily monitor their habits and detect any potential abnormalities.

Catspad works with any type of dry cat food, is very easy to dissemble and reassemble for cleaning, and holds up to 1.6kg of dry food and 6 litres of water (equal to one monthís supply for an adult cat).

The device connects to your home Wi-Fi and is powered through mains electricity.

Itís all you could ever need!

Felcana GO Activity Monitoring Gadget

Felcana GO Gadgets for Cats
A Cat Wearing the Felcana Device on its Collar

Sometimes youíd like to keep track of all the finer details of your cat.

Lucky for you, Felcana provides this service for you.

The lightweight collar for cats and dogs, which weighs less than a pound-coin, keeps tabs on your petís daily activity and rest patterns.

Felcana continuously analyses real-time data (24/7) about your cat that is stored on the app and easily transferrable to your local veterinarian.

The app also allows you to talk directly with their team of vets in case you have any questions that you need expertise advice on.

Track your petís activity, set them goals and monitor their progress Ė this is modern day pet health care.

Litter Robot 3 Connect

Litter Robot 3 Connect for Cats
The Litter Robot 3 Connect (Alien Spaceship)

We canít get enough of the Litter Robot 3 Connect.

Tell us, which cat owner actually enjoys scooping through dirty, smelly cat litter?

Thatís right, no-one.

The Litter Robot is one of the best gadgets for cats ever made.

The alien-looking device efficiently separates the waste from the clean litter, saving you up to 50% of litter usage!

Furthermore, during the process of automatically removing the waste without you having to do anything, the smart device also gets rid of all foul odors.

What do you have to do?

Simply wait until the device sends you a notification straight to your phone that the litter draw needs emptying.

After that you simply remove the bag, dispose of it, then line the tray with another bag and away it goes again.

Thousands of happy customers havenít looked back since they purchased the Litter Robot 3 Connect, itís one of the best gadgets for cats out there!

SureFlap Connect Microchip Cat Flap

SureFlap Connect Microchip Cat Flap Gadgets for Cats
SureFlap Connect Microchip Cat Flap Explanation

There are microchip cat flaps and then there are microchip cat flaps.

Donít get it? Youíre soon about to find out what we mean.

The SureFlap Connect is like no other cat flap out there.

Itís the only microchip cat flap that pairs up with your phone (the Hub device is required for this feature).

What does this mean?

A lot of things, actuallyÖ

You can control the lock on the cat flap through the app, you can monitor each catís cat flap activity to see how active they are, you can manage the cat flap settings for each individual cat using their DualScan technology, and much, much more.

Take control now with one of the smartest microchip gadgets on the cat-tech market.

Petcube Play 2

Petcube Play 2 Gadgets for Cats
The Stunning New Model Petcube Play 2

Weíve seen AI powered pet companions (Felik), but sometimes cat owners want to do the playing and interacting themselves.

Thatís cool, and weíve got the perfect smart device for the: The Petcube Play 2.

Petcube has recently upgraded the ĎPlayí model to a sleeker, more efficient hi-tech device.

The Petcube Play 2 allows users to interact with their cat through the Petcube app.

They will see their cat(s) through the lens of the camera, while having the options of having a secret conversation with them, playing a game of chase with the app-controlled laser features, and even taking candid photos of their cat in action.

Miss your cat as soon as you leave the house? Not anymore.

PlayDate Smart Ball Gadget

PlayDate Smart Ball for Cats

There are many options available to pet owners these days when it comes to interacting with your pet when youíre out of the house.

But some can be slightly more entertaining than others.

Take the PlayDate Smart Ball for example.

This smart ball connects to your WiFi and is remotely controlled through an app on your phone.

No matter where you are, all you have to do is start up the app and away you go.

Youíll be able to see and speak to your pet cat, as the ball has two-way audio and a wide angle, motion stable camera.

What a great way to extend the bonding time between you and your cat.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Gadgets for Cats
A Kitten Proudly Wearing the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

Every cat owner has asked their cat the same question after theyíve returned from a long-adventure: ďWhere the h*ll have you been? I was worried sick!Ē

If this is you, you donít have to worry anymore, for the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker is here to give you peace of mind.

Tractive have developed a GPS tracker that fits perfectly for the dimensions of a cat.

The tracker is seamlessly integrated into the provided collar, making it an all-in-one device.

Donít worry, the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker has an in-built breakaway mechanism for if your cat gets into a sticky situation.

Cat owners can track their cat in real-time on their mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Youíll be able to set virtual geo-fences, which the app will alert you if your cat has stepped out of bounds.

The battery is interchangeable so you can keep swapping them out to ensure your cat is under constant surveillance.

Top 10 Gadgets for Cats Summary

There you have it, you now know about 10 super-cool gadgets for cats.

Let us know your thoughts on the different types of gadgets, and whether you have already experienced some of them or hope to experience them in the future.

For those of you interested in the world of cat-tech you can check out our recent blog post Technology for Cats: The Present and Future where we discuss the current state of cat technology and explore the exciting opportunities that are on the horizon.

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