Designer Cat Furniture

Designer Cat Furniture You Can’t Afford

It’s not a surprise that designer cat furniture is becoming popular.

The world is increasingly considering their pet cat as part of the family, so why not purchase them a nice something to sleep or play with on too?

Brands all across the globe, from Germany to Japan, are showcasing their stunning innovative designs as they merge the borders of architecture and furniture.

Stick with us as we show you the breath-taking world of designer cat furniture.

MyZoo: Designer Cat Furniture

MyZoo is a Japanese designer cat furniture brand that focuses on creativity and quality.

Their products revolve around the concepts of simplicity, minimalism and multi-functionality; something that caters to both the owner and their cat.

Whether its spatial efficiency or a clean interior finish, MyZoo has you covered.

Almost all of their products are complementary.

For example, BusyCat, Spaceship Gamma, Luna and Zone.

The above cat furniture pieces are ultimately built to be mounted on the wall to create a giant interconnected playground for your cats.

Check out the some of the MyZoo designer cat furniture showcases below.

MyZoo BusyCat MyZoo Luna
MyZoo BusyCat and Luna Wall Mounted Furniture Arrangement
MyZoo Zone Step
MyZoo Wall Mounted Zone Step
MyZoo Designer Cat Furniture
MyZoo Wall Mounted Furniture Design
MyZoo Spaceship Gamma
MyZoo Wall Mounted Spaceship Gamma

BrandoDesign: Designer Pet Furniture

Brandodesign is an Italian luxury pet design company that targets both cats and dogs.

The brando products structure an environment with natural characteristics, pleasing to the animal instinct, but at the same time able to give pleasure to the human being.

Each of their furniture pieces are handmade in Italy using materials that follow the simplicity and naturalness of the animal instinct

In love with innovation and design, Brando offers a range of designer cat furniture pieces that will improve any home interior.

The company even provides an interior design consultancy service where interior advice is given and personal designs can be negotiated.

Brandodesign Throne Platform Cat60 Designer Cat Furniture
BrandoDesign Wall Mounted Throne Platform Next To The Cat60
Brandodesign Cat60 Designer Cat Furniture
BrandoDesign Elevated Cat60 House
Brandodesign Baco Cat House
BrandoDesign Elevated Baco Cat House
Brandodesign Tunnel Designer Cat House Furniture
BrandoDesign Elevated Tunnel Cat House

Tuft + Paw: Designer Pet Furniture

Tuft and Paw was founded by its owners when they had a personal experience of trying, but not succeeding, in finding great cat furniture when they were first time renters.

They took matters into their own hands and started their own designer cat furniture store.

Their store is now a one-stop destination for stunning luxury cat furniture.

But wait, not only is it stunning, its also sustainable!

Oh, theres more! They also donate a portion of every sale to no-kill cat shelters as they place cat welfare at the centre of their mission.

Its so nice to know that not only are their products breath-taking, but also that the people behind it all have massive hearts and really do love cats.

Tuft and Paw Milo Designer Cat Tree Furniture
Tuft and Paw Milo Cat Tree
Tuft and Paw Cave Wool Cat Bed
Tuft and Paw Cave Woolen Cat Bed
Tuft and Paw Rifiuti Designer Litter Box
Tuft and Paw Rifiuti Multi-purpose Litter Box Cabinet

MiaCara: Designer Pet Furniture

Germany are well known for their revolutionary designs in the car industry, but how about the pet industry?

Well, what do you know, MiaCara is a luxury pet furniture brand founded in Germany.

Their products scream innovation, functionality and elegance.

MiaCara is another designer cat furniture brand that focuses on environmental compatibility and sustainability.

Check out some of the beautiful products from their Gatto collection for cats.

MiaCara Felpa Cat Bed
MiaCara Felpa Cat Bed
MiaCara Torre Designer Cat Tree Furniture
MiaCara Torre Cat Tree
MiaCara Volta Cat Scratch Post Designer Cat Furniture
MiaCara Volta Cat Scratch

Pet-Interiors: Designer Pet Furniture

Pet-Interiors is design-oriented and focuses on durable pet furniture.

Their range of designer cat furniture is enough to impress anyone.

Were particularly drawn to three of their products: The Rondo Stand and Rondo Wall.

The Rondo Stand comes in a variety of designs, from felt to leather to crochet, and provides your cat with the ultimate elevated chill-out spot.

Not only is it comforting and functional, but it also looks immaculate.

The Rondo Wall is similar in design only that its mounted to the wall.

This levitating design looks timeless while also providing your cat something to climb on!

Pet Interiors Rondo Stand Felt
Pet Interiors Rondo Stand in Felt
Pet Interiors Rondo Stand Leather
Pet Interiors Rondo Stand in Leather
Pet Interiors Rondo Wall Leather
Pet Interiors Rondo Wall in Leather

RINN: The NEKO Cat Tree

NEKO is a magnificent minimalist modern cat tree designed by Yoh Komiyama for Japanese cat company RINN.

The beautiful see-through cat tree resembles Architectural modernism and true innovation.

The work of art is composed of a Greek marble base, hemp cord and natural Japanese wood structures.

The tree is multi-functional including the cooling marble base, three different layers that can be accessed through the holes in each layer, or through the hinged door, as well as its captivating visual status.

Weve kept prices out of this post so far, but, just to let you know, this handcrafted cat tree breaches just over $9,000.

This is designer cat furniture on a whole different level.

NEKO Cat Tree Designer Cat Furniture
NEKO Cat Tree In All Its Glory
NEKO Cat Tree Top Layer Designer Cat Furniture
NEKO Cat Tree Top Layer View
NEKO Cat Tree Side View
NEKO Cat Tree Close Up Side View

The Refined Feline: Designer Cat Furniture

Moving away from wooden structures, The Refined Feline offers a limited edition luxe version of their Lotus Cat Tower.

The Crystal-Clear Lotus Cat Tower looks fit for a show room only, but learn behold its available for purchase!

Do you have a spare $5,000? Your cat might thank you if you do

For you, its a piece of art. For your cat, its the ultimate tower to climb and perch.

Crystal Clear Designer Lotus Cat Tower Furniture
The Refined Feline Crystal Clear Lotus Cat Tower

INDOT: Catitecture

Looking for some inspiration to set-up a longue room for your cats?

Look no further than this recent custom home project designed and installed by Taiwan-based design firm INDOT.

This truly is a visual representation of the highest levels of designer cat furniture: catitecture.

P.S. Dont show your cat! They wont know what they cant see!

INDOT Designer Cat Furniture
Close Up View of Wooden and Glass Cat Furniture
INDOT Designer Cat Furniture
Minimalist Cat Furniture Interior Design
INDOT Designer Cat Home
Perfectly Blends in with the Rest of the Room


So there you have it, a brief insight into the luxurious world of designer cat furniture!

Hey, don’t feel sad that you can’t have it all!

Your cat still loves you (maybe).

For those of you now wanting to treat your cat to something, you can check out our recent blog “Top 10 Gobsmacking Gadgets for Cats” where you’ll find some cool cat-tech products that both you and your cat will enjoy.

All images are from the brand’s site respectively.

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