How to Cope with the Loss of Your Cat

How to Cope with the Loss of Your Cat

Hey buddy. If youíre currently dealing with the loss of your cat, remember that what youíre going through right now wonít last forever. Youíll be okay. Below are some ideas for you to reflect upon.

The Loss of Your Cat: Time is Key

When you first received the news about the loss of your cat, your emotional response will be intense.

You will feel a whole range of emotions from sadness to anger to hopelessness.

This is natural, so donít worry about it.

You arenít being weird or strange.

We are humans.

We have feelings.

Weíre meant to feel.

When dealing with the loss of your cat, the days may feel longer than ever.

But let us reassure you: time is key.

The process of healing after the loss of your cat takes time.

Not just one day, or two.

It takes as much time as you need.

But realise this: time is the answer.

You will eventually realise that you gave your cat the best life it could have possibly had.

And while their time has come to an end, yours has certainly not.


Reaching out for support is a must when dealing with the loss of your cat.

While you may initially want to isolate yourself, hiding your tears and frustration away from others, your best option is to reach out to others.

Seek emotional support from your friends and family.

The chances are that if your cat was a family cat, your members of family will need you just as much as you need them.

Donít forget to call your friends.

When it comes to the loss of your cat, sometimes you just needs to get out and distract yourself with other things.

This is what friends are great for. They will show you that happiness is always all around you.

Social media and cat forums are great support too.

Just as you see millions of people online enjoying cat videos and posting pictures of their cats, there are also millions of people out there who have been through, or are going through, the loss of a cat as well.

Reach out to some of them and you might just find that you can relate really well to them.

Other passionate cat owners will know how you feel, so theyíll treat you with extra special care.

Donít forget to spend time with your other pets.

They will also notice that that special someone is missing.

Have a nice big cuddle session with them, thatíll make you feel better.


When the time is right, you should try to change your grieving over the loss of your cat to a positive reflection session.

Remember, they had a happy life.

Think back to all of the happy times.

Cherish their unique, quirky behaviour.

One thing you should consider doing is creating a memory album.

This is a great way to turn the sadness over the loss of your cat into a soothing exercise thatíll put a smile on your face.

Choose your favorite pictures, cut them out and then decorate around them in your new memory album.

Write little notes about what was happening at the time of the photo.

Who knows, you might even have forgotten about a great memory.

Youíll look back on the album in time to come and be glad you did it.

Life can be unforgiving, donít be too hard on yourself.

Continue Giving Your Love To a New Pet

If you think itís too soon, then you are not over the grieving stage.

But eventually taking in a new kitty can be the new light in your life.

Continue to spread your love and affection to another animal thatíll adore you right back.

You have so many more beautiful memories to make.

My Personal Experience: A Short Story

I was back at the family house for Summer.

All was going great.

It was nice to see the family again having been away at University for a while.

The weather was playing nice, and the sun had been out almost every day.

Life was good.

The 3 cats had shown me just enough affection upon my return.

Especially when I had the treat bag in my hand.

All was normal.

Iíd seen the cats throughout the day.

It soon became night, and so time to sleep.

I woke up the next day around 10am as I didnít have work.

My bed was too comfortable to leave so I decided to stay in it and longue on my phone for a bit.

Half way through scrolling on all the socials, my screen was hijacked by the incoming call screen.

It was my Mum.

Having not long woke up, I wasnít really feeling like having a conversation.

I looked at the screen for a couple seconds, and then finally decided to answer.

ďHello?Ē I mumbled in a sleepy tone.

What happened next was nothing compared to what I was expecting.

You know, Ďcan you hang the washing outí or Ďcould you pop to the shops for me.í

She started to talk, but barely.

She was in floods of tears.

ďWhatís wrong?Ē I asked

I initially thought something had happened to her mother, whoís 94 years young.

But no.

It wasnít that.

Through gasps of breath she managed to communicate: ďMiuMiuís been hit and killed by a car on the main road, someone had taken him down to the vetís and theyíve just called me.Ē

I didnít know how to respond.

It was a shock, but nothing had really hit me instantaneously.

She told me she was coming home from work to collect him ready for his burial later in the day.

We finished the phone conversation.

I was back in my world although it was slightly different this time.

To make a long story short, the rest of the day was filled with tears from all members of the family.

We had lost one of the most affectionate cats there ever was.



Just like that.

Towards the end of the day, we decided to bury him.

Mum had cut some beautiful flower heads off and gave each of us one to lay over his covered body.

One by one we had a little special moment and a reflection of all the happy times before placing the flower in the grave.

It was a hard day.

Each of us was affected.

A new day turned but it didnít feel the same.

There was no clicking of his nails against the floor after heíd returned through the cat flap, scoffed down some food and gone to look for company.

He use to call out upon his return.

Proudly letting us know that the master had returned.

But no more.

Itís very sad losing a pet.

Reflecting on it can be difficult too.

But enough time has passed for me to be able to share this story with you.

And thatís the key: time

You will heal.

And all will be fine again.

Youíve got this.

Remember, nothing good can last forever.

Live in the present.

To find out more about my cats, their personalities and pictures of them, check the About Page.

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