Cat Water Fountains

Cat Water Fountains

It is often common, at least for cat owners, to see a cat drinking from a tap rather than a static water bowl. This is because cats are instinctually drawn to moving water. Not only is it better oxygenated, but it also encourages them to drink more water. A win-win situation. Now, we introduce cat water fountains.

Cat Water Fountains serve the purpose of simulating natural moving water. In addition, most water fountains have a filtration system installed. This ensures the maximum health for your cat.

How to choose the right Cat Water Fountain:

As with all cat products there is a range to choose from and cat water fountains are no different. Some things to keep in mind are:


When looking for water fountains you will see them made out of a variety of materials. The main three are: plastic, metal and ceramic. Of these three, plastic is the least hygienic, with metal and ceramic much more sanitary. This is because, over time, plastic degrades and infects the water with harmful chemicals.


Some cat water fountains provide a larger capacity of water compared to others. The right size for you will depend on various factors. Two main factors to consider are: how many pet cats you have and how often you will be able to change the water.


Some water fountains have one feeding hole, whilst others have more than one entrances to drink from. This is something to consider if you have multiple pet cats.

With all of this in mind you are now ready to decide on which product is right for you. Continue reading to discover the world of Cat Water Fountains.

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