Cat Technology: Self Cleaning Litter Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box

What Is A Self Cleaning Litter Box?

A Self Cleaning Litter Box is a cat technology product that completely automates the litter scooping process.

Rather than you having to bend down, with a peg over your nose, to scoop through the litter tray, a self cleaning litter box does it all for you.

This automated device is incredibly convenient for busy cat owners and people who have indoor-only cats.

How You’ll Never Have To Scoop Through Litter Again

The task of scooping through the dirty cat litter can easily make its way to the bottom of the priorities list.

Its a task that no one wants to do, no one looks forward to doing, and that everyone would love something, or someone, to do it for them.

Luckily for you, there are products out there can completely automate this process.

Youll never have to scoop through dirty cat litter again.

The most youll have to do is occasionally empty the deposit draw.

Its time to start planning what youre going to do with all this new-found time and energy.

How Self Cleaning Litter Boxes Are More Hygienic Than Litter Trays

Conventional litter trays can often become quite the breeding ground for a lot of nasty things.

If your cat, or cats, is an avid user of the litter tray, it may seem like the task of having to clean it out never ends.

But, lets say youd forgotten to clean out the litter tray for a while, what would the cats think?

To say the least, they wouldnt be very happy.

When the litter tray is unkept, it can upset cats and cause their toilet behaviours to change.

By this we mean that if the litter tray is full of old faeces and urine, the cat will be reluctant to use the litter box and will go and do their business somewhere else in the house.

Now, you thought cleaning out the cat litter box was bad, how about cleaning it straight off the floor of the kitchen?

Anyway, how is a self cleaning litter box more hygienic than a litter tray?

Firstly, the litter box automatically cleans itself each time after your cat uses it.

This means that when they later return they wont be met with their old waste (theyll thank you for this).

Secondly, the waste is moved into a hidden compartment.

This means that it is not exposed out in the open.

A lot of self-cleaning litter boxes have carbon filters, where the waste is captured, to combat the odour that would otherwise have been wafting around your home.

Finally, since youll never have to scoop through the litter yourself, and all youll need to do is simply empty the waste draw, it means that you wont be exposed to any harmful fumes that you would have been had you been scooping through dirty litter.

You’ll Save Up To 50% Of Cat Litter

When cleaning out a convectional litter box, it is common that most people will scoop up and excess of litter in the cleaning process.

This causes you to end up using more litter and having to buy new litter more often.

Whats so great about self-cleaning litter boxes is that they only collect the clumped-up litter waste.

By only depositing the clumped litter in the waste draw, it means that the rest of the litter is perfectly clean and ready to be used again.

Your cat will love returning to a fresh, clean litter tray each time they need the toilet.

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