Cat Technology: Cat Water Fountains

Cat Water Fountains

What Are Cat Water Fountains?

The name somewhat gives itself away, however, cat water fountains are a cat technology product that continuously circulates water in the style of a fountain.

A cat water fountain typically operates by circulating water through a carbon filter.

By filtering the water through a carbon filter, it ensures that the water is purified and that any harmful chemicals or hairs within the water are removed.

Why Cat Water Fountains Are So Much Better Than Water Bowls

Other than the fact that cats are naturally inclined to drink from moving water sources, there are many benefits to purchasing a cat water fountain for your cat(s):

  • Cats will drink more water – hydration is very important to your cats health.
  • The water will be fresher and cooler.
  • The circulation of water means that the water is oxygenated, causing it to be purer than other water sources.
  • You wont have to replace the water as often as you would need to had you been using a water bowl.

The Different Types of Cat Fountains

As with all cat technology products, there is a range to choose from.

While they may all seem somewhat similar, at least in function, there are some differences that you should know about.

Cat Water Fountain Material:

Plastic Cat Water Fountains:

The cheapest, least animal friendly material.

Cheap plastics release toxic chemicals into the water that can affect the health of your cat.

It is also to harder to clean plastic.

When cuts or scratches happen to plastic surfaces, bacteria and slime can build up, which is incredibly hard to steralise.

BPA-free Plastic Cat Water Fountains:

An upgrade from regular plastic.

BPA-free plastic means that there arent any harmful chemicals in the plastic that can infect the water.

Youll find that BPA-free plastic cat water fountains are the most popular and most common type of fountain.

Ceramic Cat Water Fountains:

Ceramic cat water fountains might seem like a luxury product, but they really are worth it.

Ceramic fountains are significantly more hygienic than plastic fountains.

There is no chance of contaminating the water.

Ceramic fountains are also heavier than plastic fountains, and so require more effort to knock over (for those with playful cats)

Youll also notice that ceramic cat water fountains have a clean, attractive finish to them thatll add detail in any modern home dcor.

Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountains:

Some cat water fountains offer a stainless-steel topped surface.

This is a great choice from a hygienic viewpoint.

The stainless-steel material isnt prone to any bacterial build-up.

They are also dishwasher friendly, making them incredibly easy to keep clean.

Not only are they hygienic, but a stainless-steel finish looks sleek and modern.

Cat Water Fountain Capacity:

There are a variety of different cat water fountains available to you.

Another thing to consider before purchasing one is the capacity of water it can hold.

The range available to you is from around 1-litre to 5-litres.

An average cat water fountain will hold around 2-litres of water.

This can be great for single or double cat households, but may seem ineffective for multi-pet households.

For those with multiple cats, and maybe even a dog or two, the better choice of cat water fountain would be one that holds up to 5-litres.

The less cats you have, the less often youll have to refill the cat water fountain.

Cat Water Fountain Accessibility:

With a variety of cat water fountains available to you, comes a variety of shapes and sizes too.

If you have multiple cats, then you might consider a cat water fountain that offers multiple drinks zones.

Some of you might have elderly cats that are typically a lot more fragile than a younger cat.

For this reason, you might want to consider a cat water fountain that stands tall, or at least have a raised basin that they can drink from without straining their body.

Cat Water Fountain Reviews:

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