Cat Technology: Microchip Cat Flap

Microchip Cat Flap

What Is A Microchip Cat Flap?

Cat flaps are an essential cat technology product for cat owners Ė at least for those who let their cats outdoors.

Now, there are standard cat flaps and there are microchip (MC) cat flaps.

An MC cat flap provides an added layer of security and control that a standard cat flap cannot provide.

What Are The Requirements?

Firstly, your cat must be microchipped.

Secondly, you will have to decide where you are going to install the cat flap.

It is not that you are bound by where you can install the flap, but more so about how difficult it will be to install.

Most microchip cat flaps can be installed into all types of walls.

Brick walls, glass or wood, itís your decision.

There are many accessories which will assist you in your decision.

For example, if you decide to install a microchip cat flap into a brick wall, there are extension pieces that will increase the length of the tunnel.

Thirdly, almost all microchip cat flaps require batteries to power the device.

Finally, you must be patient when your cat is adjusting to using an MC cat flap.

How Microchip Cat Flaps Provide An Added Layer Of Security

Microchip technology works like a personalised key system.

Once you have assigned your cat, or cats, to the microchip cat flap, it will only be responsive to their chips.

This means that any wild animals, be it raccoons or neighbourhood cats, will be unable to access the house.

Your cats will be able to feel safe in their own home, as they should, without any disturbances.

You’ll Have More Control

There are times when you donít want your cat going outside.

Whether this is at night, for their own safety, or itís because you have an appointment at the vet early the next morning, you need a way of making sure that your kitty doesnít escape.

An MC cat flap gives you all the control you need.

Many of the microchip cat flaps available to you allow you to control the times that the cat flap is unlocked or locked.

You can program them to lock throughout the night and open first thing in the morning.

The great thing about them is that you can customise it to your needs.

As well as this, some microchip cat flaps allow you have control over each catís accessibility (Dual Scan).

For example, if you have a cat that is not in a state to go outside, be it theyíre elderly or ill, then you can set the MC cat flap to not open when they are near it, but will continue to allow the other cats out.

This is also efficient if only one of your cats has an appointment at the vets the next morning.

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