Cat Technology: Cat Monitoring Camera

What Is A Cat Monitoring Camera?

It’s time to learn about what a cat monitoring camera is.

We all dream of being with our cats 24/7.

But, as we all know, that canít happen.

What we can tell you though is that no matter where you are, be it at work, or even then other side of the world, with a Cat Monitoring Camera youíll be able to be with your cat without being with your cat.

Did you catch that?

Basically, a Cat Monitoring Camera is a device that allows you to tune into the vision of the camera via your phone.

Not only will you be able to see your cat, but youíll also be able to talk to it and hear her talk back!

Note: Cat Monitoring Cameras are a great product to invest in if your cat experiences separation anxiety.

What Features Does a Cat Monitoring Camera Have?

As with all cat technology products on the market, there is a large range of Cat Monitoring Cameras to choose from.

Here, weíll run you through the different features that a Cat Monitoring Camera may have:

  • Two-way audio: you can talk to your cat, reassure them, and maybe even discuss what theyíre having for dinner tonight
  • Laser toy: some cat monitoring cameras have an in-built laser toy which means that you can play with your cat when youíre not even there Ė this will keep both of you entertained
  • Treat dispenser: some cat monitoring cameras have an in-built treat dispenser, meaning that you can give your cat one of their favourite treats after youíve told her how adorable she is for the 18th time
  • Night vision: see your cats even when the room is dark
  • Sound and motion notification: get instant notifications to your phone when the camera detects movement
  • 720-1080p HD video quality: High Definition video quality so that you can enjoy your cat to the fullest
  • Social media synergy: the mobile app allows you to take pictures and recordings and effortlessly share them on social media

How A Cat Camera Can Stop Your Boredom

Youíre at work, bored.

Simply pull out your phone and open up the app.

Tune into the vision of your camera.

Call over your fluffy one and watch them run into the video frame.

Depending on which cat monitoring camera you have, you can either lay a game of chase with the in-built laser, offer them a treat or five, or simply talk them through how your day’s been going so far.

It doesnít just work when youíre bored at work.

Out of town for the weekend?

No problem! You can let your cat know you love them and shower them in virtual affection.

How Can A Cat Camera Provide You With Security?

Not only does a cat monitoring camera provide you with endless entertainment, it also acts as a security camera.

As well as being able to show your cat affection, the camera will also be constantly surveilling the room.

As most cat monitoring cameras have a motion detection feature, on the off chance that something, or someone, else other than your cat triggers the motion detection, youíll be instantly notified.

After putting on your detective hat, youíll be able investigate whatís going on.

Donít worry too much, we donít want to make you overthink, just think of it as an extra use other than all the other fantastic features it provides.

Who can complain about having another added layer of security in the house?

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