Cat Monitoring Cameras

Have you ever wondered what your cat is up to after you leave the house? How about that sudden feeling of needing to see and speak to your cat? Or even wanting to give them a treat but you cannot? Previously this option was unavailable. However, this is no more. The new technology of Cat Monitoring Cameras makes all of this possible and more.

Cat Monitoring Cameras allow you to check in on your cat no matter where you are. Whether you are curious about the kittens, concerned about your older cat’s health, or even hoping to catch them walking on their back-legs, cat monitoring cameras are something you should consider.

What To Consider When Looking For a Cat Monitoring Camera:

There are multiple different type of monitoring cameras currently on the market. Whilst all have baseline functions of high-quality picture and compatibility with mobile phones, some products offer additional features. Below are some of the features you can expect from the top of the range cat monitoring cameras:

  • Treat Dispenser – reward your cats with treats whilst you are on the go
  • Two-way Speaker – this allows you to communicate to your cat and hear what they have to say too
  • Laser Function – entertain your cat with a laser pointer and watch the fun unravel
  • Motion Detection – receive alerts when your cat is in close vicinity of the camera
  • Night Vision – see your cats even when it is dark
  • Mobility – control where the camera is looking so that you can find your cat

The list of features is extensive and personalised to each different product. Continue reading to find out more about the different types of cat monitoring cameras and which one will suit you best.

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