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Flea Treatment for Cats

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What are Fleas?

Fleas are minuscule insects that are mostly naked to the eye. They feed off of the blood of your cat and are often hidden within their fur coat. Fleas carry numerous diseases around with them.

Cats can get fleas from a number of sources. We have listed some below:

  • Infected cats (e.g., from mum cat to kitten)
  • Infected prey (e.g., a mouse)
  • Infested environment (e.g., in the woods or even in your living room!)

For this reason, you must keep on top of flea treatment for your cats to ensure they are at optimal health.

What Is The Best Flea Treatment for Cats?

There are many different types of flea treatments for cats. We will outline them and then expand on them further below:

  • Flea medicine for cats this often comes in the form of spot-on treatment, which is easiest to apply
  • Flea collars for cats these are collars that repel fleas from infesting in your cats hair

Flea Medicine for Cats

There are currently hundreds of different flea medicines for cats available to you on the market. To help you navigate your way through all of the information, we have compiled some of the best flea treatment for cats below:

Advantage II for Cats:

Advantage II for cats is an extremely popular flea treatment among the cat community. It is proven to kill all fleas with one application. Advantage II is a spot-on treatment, which means you apply it directly to the skin of your cat, usually on the back of its neck. It is recommended that you apply this treatment once per month to keep those pesky fleas at bay.

Advantage II has two different options depending on the size of your cat small and large.

Advantage II for cats is most commonly available in the US. You can find links to the treatments below:

Advantage II for small cats

Advantage II for large cats

You can also consult with your local veterinarian if you find it is unavailable to you.

Frontline for Cats:

Frontline for cats is the UK equivalent of advantage for cats. This treatment is also extremely effective at fighting flea infestations on your cat. Frontline for cats is also a spot-on treatment. Ideally, it should be applied once per month directly to the skin on the back of the neck. You can find the link to frontline below.

Frontline spot-on flea treatment (UK)

Flea Collars for Cats

Flea collars are another popular flea treatment for cats. These collars contain substances that release onto your cats skin. The substances deter fleas from surviving as they will die if they ingest the ingredients.

Pros: easier to use, used in conjunction with flea medication

Cons: not very flexible, can cause irritation, potential hair loss, cheaper collars are less effective

Below we recommend the most effective flea collar for cats:

Seresto Flea Collar for Cats:

The Seresto flea collar is recommended by veterinarians. It is stylish and odour-free. The collar lasts up to 8 months, so it is well worth the investment. You can be assured that this collar will be repelling all fleas your cat comes into contact with on its adventures. You can find the link to the seresto flea collar for cats below:

Seresto Flea Collar for Cats (US)

Attention: UK customers, this collar is available to you too, just not on Amazon UK. You can order from overseas or see the list of UK sites below:






Other Flea Collars for Cats:

There are hundreds of cat collars available to you both on Amazon and other marketplaces. You may be tempted to purchase the cheaper alternatives, but we will tell you now that these are often significantly less effective. The cheaper collars will often prove ineffective, lasting for shorter periods and being more likely to cause irritation.

Remember, you must do what is best for your cats health.

That means purchasing the best flea treatment for cats.

If you don’t know what these are – look above!

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