Best GPS Cat Tracker for Your Country 2019

Best GPS Cat Tracker Country

There are lots of different GPS trackers out there, but which one is the best GPS cat tracker for your country?

If you?re unsure about what cat trackers are or what they can do for you, check out our Ultimate Beginners Guide on Cat Trackers to learn everything you need about how they work through to what the future of cat trackers should look like.

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Ok, let?s get started!

You?ve been considering a GPS cat tracker for a while now, but you?re not sure which one is best for your location.

You want all the benefits that come with GPS cat trackers:


Peace at mind,

And most importantly reducing the risk of losing your cat.

Nothing can replace your kitty, that?s why you?re searching around to find the best GPS cat tracker for you.

We?re going tell you which GPS cat tracker you should invest in depending on your whereabouts.

You might be thinking: ?don?t GPS cat trackers work in all countries since they operate on cellular networks??

For the most part, you?d be correct.


Recent developments in the cat tracker industry make it so that, what we consider, the best GPS cat tracker on the market is only available in certain parts of the world.

So, for this reason, rather than just telling you the best GPS cat tracker on the market, we?re going to tell you which is the best GPS cat tracker currently available to you in your country.

The Best GPS Cat Tracker for the United States, Canada and Australia (+ROW)

If you live in the US, Canada or Australia, then pay close attention.

For you cat owners in these regions, the benefits of purchasing yourself a GPS cat tracker is second to none.

It?s a busy world out there.

The wildlife isn?t all that friendly at times.

Mr. Fluffy might find himself in a tricky situation from time to time.

Rather than sitting at home, worried to death, thinking of all the horrible possibilities of what has happened to your loved one, you can turn to your trusty GPS cat tracker app and know exactly what he?s up to.

You?ll be able to find out whether he?s been accidentally locked in a shed, is lounging about on your neighbour?s couch, or in a worst-case scenario, has been injured and is finding it troublesome to travel back home.

So, here it is, the best GPS cat tracker for the US, Canada and Australia:

The Pod 3.

Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker

Although this tracker is not exclusive to pets, the Pod 3 is the world?s most recognised GPS cat tracker.

Pod Trackers boasts coverage in more than 175 countries, including those mentioned.

Why the Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker?

The Pod 3 is a small, lightweight tracker that easily attaches to your cat?s collar.

One of the best things about the Pod 3 is its ease of use.

Everything from charging and replacing the battery to using the regularly updated mobile app.

It?s simple.

Plus, they have a great customer service team on hand ready to help you with, if any, complications.

The Main Features:

  • Lightweight ? only 31 grams
  • Real-time tracking
  • Monitoring health, fitness and movement
  • Geo-fencing
  • Long battery life


The Pod 3 GPS cat tracker is the ideal product for the curious cat owner.

Not only will it grant you peace of mind, but it will also provide you with useful insight through the mobile app.

No longer will your cat?s life remain a mystery, for you know possess the power to reveal the truth.

Note: Almost all countries can use the Pod 3 ? it is not limited to the US, Canada and Australia.

For more information, check out our Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker Review

Pod 3 GPS Cat Tracker Review
4.2 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money


Lightweight pod
Accurate real-time GPS tracking
Interchangeable batteries
Receive insightful notifications
Peace of mind


Subscription plan required for the functioning of the tracker
Tracker is relatively big for average sized cats

The Best GPS Cat Tracker for Europe and the UK

There are no countries that can?t reap the benefits of GPS cat trackers.

The outside world can be cruel sometimes.

Your cat is invaluable.

Why not invest in a GPS cat tracker to calm your nerves.

You?ll be able to find out where your kitty goes, where they are currently and much more.

You?re probably taking your cat coming home safely for granted right now.

But, things can change in an instant.

They might be accidentally locked in a shed.

They could?ve injured themselves and are unable to make it home.

They might have let their adventure take them one step too far, so much so that they don?t know how to make it home.

Rather than sitting up all night imagining all the worst possible cases,

Instead, you can simply put on your detective hat, open the app on your phone and find out exactly where they are.

This will put all your worries to rest allowing you to have a great night?s sleep.

Without no further ado, it?s time to reveal the best GPS cat tracker for Europe and the UK:

The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker.

Tractive is the only brand to have recently released a NEW GPS tracker specifically for cats.

Finally, the needs of the cat community have been met.

We?d suggest this cat tracker to everyone.

However, it is currently exclusive to the EU and UK.

Why the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker?

The best thing about this cat tracker is that it is built for cats.

Rather than attaching a block-like device to your cats? collar, the collar itself is the tracker.

This will be so much more comfortable for Mr. Fluffy to carry around.

The Main Features:

  • Collar-integrated device
  • Lightweight design ? only 32 grams
  • Real-time tracking
  • Location history
  • Geo-fencing
  • Long battery life


The Tractive GPS Cat Tracker is an excellent choice of tracker that provides all the essential functions.

It is comfortable for your cat, while being incredibly useful for you.

You?ll be happy with the insight you gain on your cat?s life,

And your cat will be pleased that a large object isn?t hanging off their collar.

Note: while the new Tractive is currently exclusive to the EU and UK, it will eventually be made available in the US and other countries too. Their older version is still available though.

For more information, check out our Tractive GPS Cat Tracker Review

Tractive IKATI GPS Cat Tracker Review
4.7 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money


  • Fits on all types of collars
  • Lightweight (30g)
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Long battery life


  • Monthly subscription service
  • EU exclusive (currently)

Bonus Section: A Different Type of Cat Tracker Available for All Countries

The cat trackers we have discussed above are known as GPS cat trackers.

They require cellular networks and infrastructure.

As an alternative option, there are radio frequency cat trackers.

For more information on the difference, including their pros and cons, check out or Ultimate Beginners Guide on Cat Trackers.

Introducing the Tabcat.

Tabcat Cat Tracker

The Tabcat Cat Tracker can work in any country that it can be delivered to.

This is because it operates on radio frequency, which doesn?t require any network infrastructure.

Why the Tabcat Cat Tracker?

The Tabcat is arguably more accurate than GPS cat trackers.

However, this comes at the cost of having no app that provides you with valuable insights.

Instead of finding your cat on a map through your phone, you?re getting up and going out to find him.

Think of it as a treasure hunt.

The Main Features:

  • Extremely accurate ? guides you to within 2.5cm
  • Exceptionally lightweight ? only 6 grams
  • Easy to use handset
  • Visual and sound cues to help you find your cat
  • Significantly longer battery life than GPS cat trackers (uses less energy due to less features)


The Tabcat Cat Tracker is an excellent option for those looking for a simple, straight to the job, cat tracker.

It provides you with a device that let you find where your cat is when all else fails.

The lightweight tag is unobtrusive to your cat?s mobility, and therefore they will be less inclined to fight against it.

You are able to find your cat, and they find it stress-free.

For more information, check out our Tabcat Cat Tracker Review.

Tabcat Cat Tracker Review
4.2 of 5 stars 1 review
  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money


Easy to use
Track up to 4 cats
Long battery life
No subscription-fees


No insight features
Have to walk around to find where your cat is

So, there you have it!

The best GPS cat trackers depending on your location.

Let us know how you have got on with your search to find the perfect cat tracker for you.

For all the information you need to know about cat trackers, be sure to check out our Ultimate Beginners Guide on Cat Trackers.

Make sure you check out our other Cat Technology Reviews as well.

You?ll be able to find all the best cat technology products available to you.

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