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Cat Trackers is here to help you make simple decisions that will lead to an easier life when it comes to caring for your cat.

How many of the situations listed below can you relate to?

  • You find yourself missing your cats throughout the day
  • You are tired and fed up of scooping through cat litter
  • You are unhappy about walking into your house and being met with a nasty stench coming from the litter tray
  • You keep forgetting to change the water in the bowl despite telling yourself you would do it this time
  • You are worried where your cat goes when it disappears for long periods
  • You want to be in control of when your cat(s) can enter or leave the house
  • You are concerned about other animals entering your home

If you can relate to just one of these, and Im sure plenty of you said yes to all of them, then there are endless cat technology productsavailable to you that can solve your problems right now.

Imagine how much unnecessary stress you could remove from your life.

Well, where do I start? you might be asking.

Luckily for you, we have reviewed loads of the top-performing cat technology products built to make your life simpler. From cat water fountains to GPS cat trackers, and everything in between, weve got it covered. If you didnt know yet, you are missing out. Click HERE to get started.

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About The Author:

My name is Harvey.

I currently have 3 female cats back at my family home I know, hard to believe, 3 female cats all under one roof!

They are called: Kizzy (oldest), Tiggy,and Kitty (youngest)

I’m going to tell you a bit about each of them below – you will enjoy this:


Origin of Name: Unfortunately, there is no exciting back-story behind how we chose the name Kizzy.

Appearance: Kizzy is a large, slim, white-furred cat who moves with elegance.

Personality: Kizzy is mostly a stay at home cat – she doesnt travel very far. She likes to pretend that she doesnt enjoy affection from any of us when really, she actually loves company but only when its on her terms. Kizzy comes to you, not the other way around. She is the oldest and wisest of them all.

Fun Fact: Despite her thick fur coat, Kizzy likes to sleep on warm radiators in what looks like very uncomfortable positions

Tiggy / Bing-Bing

Origin of Name: Tiggy was chosen as an original name as it had been previously used by my Mum for other pets. Where it gets interesting is that she is also called Bing-Bing. A while ago, my Mums phone use to make a noise whenever she received a text. You guessed it, it use to go Bing-Bing. For some reason, still unknown, she started to refer to the cat as Bing-Bing. Since it is such an easy, two-syllable, saying, we all cottoned on to it and, well, here we are.

Appearance: Tiggy is on the slightly larger side compared to our other cats (theres always one). She has both black and white fur. Her white hair is almost like a curtain opening on her face which then spreads out down her neck. The tips of her paws are also painted with white.

Personality: Tiggy is shier and timider when it comes to loud noises and unfamiliar people. Nonetheless, she enjoys resting in secure spaces in the company of those she knows. Shes at her happiest when she hears the cat treat bag shake.

Fun Fact: Tiggy has a third name: Beggy Paws. This is because of how she perches on a chair when she wants treats. Ill let you into a secret: it often works in her favour.

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Origin of Name: Kitty is pronounced like how the little human girl calls Sully in The Monsters Inc.

Appearance: She has a beautiful fur coat that combines all the colours of Autumn but with a soft feel to it. She is only small, but she is very long – her tail is pretty much the same length as the rest of her body.

Personality: Kitty is the youngest and most fearless of them all. I had practically raised her myself over the Summer of 2018. From that, she has become a very confident and people-person cat. For example, when leaving early in the morning for my summer job, she would often chase me down the road for a bit too long, so much so that I had to turn around, pick her up, and put her back in the house before swiftly trying to escape without it happening again!

Fun Fact: She manages to eat a lot of food throughout the day yet doesnt manage to gain any weight something Im sure Tiggy is secretly jealous of.

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